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Table 1: Timeframe of ‘national drugs strategies’

Table 2: ‘Legal drugs’ in national drugs strategies

Table 3: Seizures of cannabis plants in the EU countries and Norway in 2001

Table 4: Drug mostly involved in ‘reports’ for drug offences in the EU countries and Norway

Table 5: Evaluation terms commonly used (evaluation methods for action of a structural nature)

Table 6: Characteristics of some national strategies’ evaluations

Table 7: Prevalence of co-morbidity in treatment settings in various countries of the EU

Table 8: Integrated treatment services in various European countries

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Table 1 OL: Role of harm reduction

Table 2 OL: Current ‘national drugs strategies’ in the field of drugs in the EU countries

Table 3 OL: Summary parameters of school-based prevention

Table 4 OL: Prevention (key parameters)

Table 5 OL: Summary parameters on recreational settings

Table 6 OL: Provision and types of needle and syringe programmes (NSPs), pharmacy involvement, numbers of syringes distributed/sold 

Table 7 OL: Prices for commonly used syringe-types (with needle) in euro

Table 8 OL: Strategies and selected measures to reduce drug-related deaths

Table 9 OL: Applied substitution substances in the EU Member States (2002)

Table 10 OL: More recent prison drug strategies, ministerial directives and service standards in the EU and Norway

Table 11 OL: Socio-health services targeting drug users in EU prisons in 2002

Table 12 OL: Co-morbidity country tables